Can an American Citizen sponsor a foreigner?

Can an American citizen sponsor a foreigener that is not family? And how to go about this if yes?


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Sorry, but that first answer is incorrect. Yes, an American citizen can absolutely sponsor a foreigner that is not family and it often occurs when no other family member can afford to sponsor them.
If you will email me I will tell you all of the details as there is too much information to tell you here. It is not so complicated. The gist is that the sponsor will have to prove financial responsibility for the sponsored foreigner and that sponsorship will have to continue until the foreginer meets certain requirements. Email me.

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generally no. but contact immigration at or

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what do you think they are waiting for

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Hi Rachael B,

Thank you! CC wants to know if you can send more information on this via e-mail?


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thats usually how foreigners get to stay here... everyone thinks that when a foreigner gets married then they are automatically a citizen here, even that doesnt work like that, when me and my husband got married i had to sponsor him,,,, most anyone who applies for citizenship here has to be sponsored,,,,usually they are not allowed to work,,( hince needing a sponsor)

The Immigration information post by website user , not guarantee correctness.

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