How do i inform the authorities abt illegal immigrants!!!!!!!!!!!?

what if i suspect sum1 of being an illegal immigrant, who can i tell???? what would happn?


What is worth more, spending 10 billion dollars on building a wall or using it towards education?

I highly doubt that the feds will do anything about it. There are too many to handle and there are many living around us.

What do you think of National Border Patrol Council Rebuts Compean-Ramos Prosecution Claims?

Soon u will be one yourself if u have anything to do with "JESUS"!!!!!!!

Can someone be denied citizenship to US based on a charge for retail theft?

write to them, or go to their offices in person if you have the guts. or organize a protest. if you take your complaint to their offices, you may be nationally recognized.

how you fell about immigration?

you can call ICE 18663472423. you don't have to give your name. just report. give them the info and that's it.

Why did 6 Democrat cowards refuse to vote on the border fence bill?

Unless you have a really good reason, I don't think it's your place to turn them in. Sorry, life is hard but it's a lot harder in Mexico.

What law that prohibits asking if someone is illegally here or not?

What are they doing? Anything to hurt anyone? I understand the law, but I also feel for the people that are trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. Just before you make the call, ask yourself why are you really calling. Think about what they are trying to do with their lives.......

Mexican tourist visa from Saint Louis,IL USA for Indian passport holder?

Do what any true American would do to rid the pests, check link below and clean em out.

Do you believe ethics reform legislation in Congress will pass?

If you are not sure better no to inform any1.

Am I truly a racist if I am against illegal immigration?

Why do you suspect someone of being illegal, how can you tell the difference?You just call the police or INS and narc on them.

When I'm EU citizen and my spouse is US citizen and our child is born in Asia?

Don't waste your time contacting anybody. The government is not interested. Watch CNN some evening at 6:00pm. Illegal immigrants are needed to fill the jobs that some of our able bodied welfare recipients don't want because of the low wages. Leave the poor illegals alone because I'll bet 99% of them are honest, hardworking people.

I'm moving to Canada from the USA, I will need healthcare coverage before becoming a permanent resident.?

like that girl said call i.c.e. they need your help!

The Immigration information post by website user , not guarantee correctness.

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