How fast do rabbits multiply?

I keep seeing people saying illegals or Mexicans multiply like rabbits.

I had a rabbit before and she did not have any babies.


Man whats wrong with some of you?

Rabbits are able to get pregnant again right after giving birth to a litter. So they can basically have one litter a month or once every 21-25 days. And they have litters that are from 4-12 bunnies.

Humans arent even able to come close to this amount. I mean in theory once every nine months since humans can also get pregnant right after giving birth. But most of them dont. So in theory a human could pump out 1 baby a year compared to 48-144 for rabbits.

Not a very good analogy is it?

Are you aware that we are required to get a passport so that we can get back INTO THE USA?

Your rabbit did not have babies because you knew that it would not qualify for welfare. If it did, YOU would have humped it. You will do anything to get more money from U.S. taxpayers.

US citizen needs some immigration help?

I do believe that, if you wouldn't have gone to public school, you would have learned that it takes two rabbits to make rabbit babies.

And yes Rabbits multiply VERY fast.

I need some websites for Canada about immigration.?

ok that was funny

When John McCain said that hispanics/mexicans brought their great culture to Arizona?

I don't know, really. I've never been around many rabbits, however, I have been around a lot of Mexicans...

*Note* Your question has the word 'Mexicans' in it.

Emigrating to the USA?

LOL,sunny that was bad manners,But it is true Mexicans have more children than they can support,AND WHY SHOULD Americans take care of your overpopulation?I mean your LaRaza class has tought you that legal citizens have enough brains to stop overpopulating to economic recourses are on the edge,mOTHER NATURE IS ALREADY MAD,YOU GOT MORE DISEASE THAN americans really want to deal with.But its ok ignorance will kill you.

i am a kenyan national living in India since 25 years. how do i become an Indian Citizen, how long would it ta

rabbits are boys. bunnies are girls. they didnt multiply cuz u didnt have the bunny. they multiply quick though. i heard people have bunny farms so they can eat the bunnies for breakfast. sick isnt it?!

Is this great or what?

I have pet rabbits...they are just like little dogs..very well trained.

But you know the girl has to be into the boy or he aint getting no knooky!!! I had to go out and buy a new female just so my male could get some!!

BTW she only had 2!!

What is South Africa like for a British migrant?

don't know - I'm a US citizen, not a rabbit

If my wife has a passport can she live with in USA while we get a visa ?? being that im in the military?

Well, mice and rabbits multiply pretty quickly. If memory serves me correctly they multiply in just a couple of months. Mice, too. As for the analogy to Mexicans, Just look around when you see Mexicans getting out of these very expensive SUVs and Vans they just keep coming and coming and coming -- very few of the kids are under age 10. Rarely are they all in car seats required by law and rarely are they fastened by seat belts also required by law. Also when you go into the stores or into the parks you rarely see a Mexican female of child-bearing age who doesn't have a baby in her arms or one in her belly. She is also toting a gaggle behind her. These kids, born on American soil qualify as citizens for aide. That's the incentive and the anchor to the USA. We need to stop this abuse of our laws.
Your rabbit must have been one of the few sterile ones. Rabbits are said to be asexual and can multiply without a male. Maybe your rabbit did have babies and something ate them?

Canada Immegration?

Probably your rabbit was alone. You do know that it takes 2 to multiply? Why do think that? Do you have big ears? If so you can expect a long life.**

Non Imm O Visa And Retirement Visa, Have I got it right please?

I'm not saying that!!!

Who here likes Avenged Sevenfold?

Hah. Thats nice. Yes, I strongly agree with this statement. Wild rabbits, that have the free run of the wonderful forests, hump another rabbit like every 3-4 hours. Therefore, causing them to multiply rapidly. Mexicans have a new baby every year or two so that they can grow up to have new workers. Thats why. Your rabbit didnt multilpy because she was ugly and no other rabbit wanted her...or because you only had one rabbit at the time..Think about that.

are representative of house going to represent any amnesty bill for illigel worker in us?

as soon as a rabbit has it's baby's, they are popping them out again. you must not of had a mate for your rabbit, that's why it didn't have baby's. you do know it takes two to tangle of any species? but now the roach, i heard can have baby's with out mating.

Why do Western countries and their governments import millions of non-white savages?


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